Dionne Francis, Sales Representative

Dionne’s career in real estate began when she walked through the doors at Keller Williams Ottawa Realty in 2009—and was greeted by Vanessa Martin at the front desk. Dionne was interviewing for her first position in the real estate world—an administrative assistant position. Within a few weeks of being in real estate, Dionne began the real estate licensing courses—on top of finishing her studies at the University of Ottawa, where she later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, with a Specialization in English. After several years of mentorship with some of the top partnerships, single agents and teams at Keller Williams Ottawa Realty, Dionne joined Re/Max Core Realty as one of their first agents when the doors opened in 2014. Dionne’s real estate selling style can be described as a perfect blend between old-school real estate values, and new-age technological advances in the real estate world. In her spare time, Dionne can be found hiking the trails in Gatineau with her Shiba Inu, Starfox, or crushing powder at Edelweiss and Tremblant on her snowboard.
Starfox, the Team Doge

Starfox joined the Clarity Real Estate Team in July of 2015. Starfox, who’s full name is Kortar’s Starfox, is a purebred Shiba Inu. Starfox’s main duties on the team include: being petted and cuddled frequently by everyone at the Re/Max Core office, and appearing as a star on the Clarity Real Estate team’s social media websites, videos, websites, blogs and other posts. In his spare time, Starfox enjoys going for long walks in the woods, napping on the back of the couch while watching people pass on the street, chasing his tail and positively destroying any squeaky toy that is given to him within minutes.


To provide as much clarity around the real estate transaction as possible; to ensure our clients fully understand each step of the process.
We’ve all been duped by salespeople. Even the word “salesperson” starts setting your teeth on edge. You start thinking: “what are they going to try to sell me on now?
There’s nothing worse than when you’re sitting in the office of a sales manager, going over a contact, only to find out that there are “extras”, “warranty fees”, “delivery fees” and “hidden fees” that end up costing you more time and money than you anticipated at the beginning. Or perhaps you bought something that you really didn’t need or want, simply because the salesperson was that good, only to walk away with that icky feeling of buyer’s remorse.
Real Estate shouldn’t be like that; which is why we called ourselves “Clarity Real Estate Team”. The foundation of our team is built on the concept that, when you’re dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars of your clients’ money—and, in most cases, their life savings or their livelihood—the entire transaction should be as transparent as humanly possible.
With over 20 years of combined experience in the sales industry (and not just real estate sales), Dionne  knew these experiences all too well.